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Sexy Embroidered Sarees

Embroidery Sarees
It is known that embroidery sarees (saris) are fashion wears which are inspired by the eastern culture. These fashion attires have gained enormous fame in the world of fashion due to their heterogeneity and attractiveness. These attires are called as heterogeneous due to their characteristic of being suitable for all occasion, as they are significantly enchanting and can definitely make you the center of attraction. The popularity of these attires can be understood by the fact that these outfits have journey from eastern fashion industry to western fashion world and now serves as current trend of fashion for all. It should be understood that sarees are feminine attire and portrays luscious feminism at the best when donned. The spectrum of sarees is quite extensive and houses a myriad of patterns to suit your sense of fashion. One of the highly adopted sari types are embroidery saris.

Embroidery Sari length and draping style:

designer embroidered sareesDesigner embroidered sarees are alluring attires which comes in conventional length of usual saree which is approximately eight to nine meters long. This attire is a one piece outfits with attractive embellishments and is not stitched out of two different pieces of fabric. However, you may find an extra piece of clothe bordering the hemline. A blouse (top) is provided with the attire, which should be donned on the bust and your saree cover it partially. This blouse comes with the saree as it bears corresponding color and similar details to complement the attire.

Distinctive feature:

Indian Embroidery sarees are similar to conventional sarees; however, they bear minute dissimilarity which serves as a highlight for the attire. These sarees are festooned with embroideries which are attractive imprints. These imprints are not printed but are done by threads of different material. For example one of the most elegant and attractive embroidery is done using silk thread or other such expensive materials. These designs are inspired by various cultures from eastern region and makes distinctively attractive and trendy pattern for fashion industry.


Sarees are attires that can be suitable for all occasion. Embroidery sarees makes ideal attire for theme parties or any other casual event. Most women try to don this attire at any event they desire as this attire exhibit a sense of feminism and enhance the look of the wearer. This outfit can be donned to colloquial get- together where you can create a positive impression on the viewers mind. Interestingly these sarees are also perfectly suitable for formal occasion such as formal parties and occasional meetings.

While you buy embroidered saree for yourself there are certain factors that you should consider. First and foremost is the shade of the saree that you choose. The color of the attire should match your skin complexion. Embroidery sarees are, no doubt, suitable for glamorous casual events, bur there are shades that makes these saris suitable for formal events as well. To enhance the look of the attire you can wear appurtenance that adds to the look of the attire making it more elegant. So, it is your decision how to select a saree for your decided occasion. The best part is that it is easy and interesting to buy a saree, as there is a myriad of elite and captivating embroidery sarees.

Sexy Indian Sarees

Indian Sarees
Indian sarees are the mark of true Indian tradition that compliments Indian beauty. The sarees hold the magnificence of Indian values and culture. Every Indian woman loves to drape in the authentic style and feel proud of her shape, race and age.

How the Indian saree looks?

Consider any typical saree and it will stretch to a length of 6 to 9 yards. The Indian look bears a border along the hemline. A blouse and petticoat are worn on bare skin so as to enable tucking into the petticoat to avoid the saree from falling. The best call is that the saree drapes your body in graceful pleats to make it a wondrous look for any outsider. The one side that hangs loosely from one shoulder is known as pallu and is sometimes worn in folded pleats to ensure good anchoring to your body.

India is full of wonders. The nation comprises of different states where sarees are worn in different styles. When considering the pallu, it can be worn in various ways to specially represent one's culture, such as Bengali style, Marathi style, Gujrati style, South Indian style and much more. Each style has its unique taste that combines to represent the country as a whole that is India.

Indian sarees can be denoted as one of the most enigmatic and yet graceful attires of the world. It is six and a half meter in length and that is seamless fabric that is draped by women in India in a variety of styles.

The myriad styles of draping the Indian saree are often indicative of the region in the country. The diversity of the Indian sari has culminated as a result of the long period of its prevalence as the chief garment worn by women in this country.

Ordinarily, the saree in India is draped around the body with a few pleats in the front and the rest of it folded across the top over the shoulder and left open. However, this is also reversely kept towards the front which leaves the loose end covering the front and even affixed around the waist for better control.

These variations have primarily developed from the needs of lifestyle and occupations of the women in different regions of India.

Indian Saree Styles

Based on the various styles that the Indian saree is worn here are a few classifications of the saree in the way it is worn across different regions of the country.
  • Gujarati Style
  • Bengali
  • Maharashtrian Style
  • Tamil Style
  • Malayali Style
  • Kodagu Style
  • Tribal Style
These are some of the popular ways that the designer Indian saree is draped by the women in different parts and regions of the country.

Types of Indian Sarees

Based on its long period of usage, the Indian saris has evolved into a popular version of couture that is known by its unique design, motifs and fabrics. Popular fabrics that are used to make a saree are silk, cotton and synthetic fabrics.

However, there are several variations that are to be found within the weave of each of these fabrics as you travel from place to place.

Here are some of the famous sarees of India.
  • Banarasi - Banaras or Varanasi is a popular Indian city that has a long history as the seat of Hindu of culture and religious tradition. This is also well known for its own collection of silk sarees. The silk along with the designs are a unique collection.
  • Kanchipuram - This is the first stop for your saree shopping in south India. There are villages of weavers that handcraft some of the most beautiful sarees of India.
  • Tant and Baluchari - Baluchari are silk sarees with legendary motifs weaved in them from the Indian state of Bengal. There are other varieties of silk and cotton sarees in Bengal like Dhaniakhali and Murshidabad silk that are well known.
  • Bomkai - One of the many signature sarees from the eastern Indian state of Orissa. This is a state that also produces Ikat and Sambalpuri silk sarees.
  • Bandhani - This is a tie and dye type of a saree with a variety of hues and embroidery from Gujarat.
  • Paithani - This is a classic range of silk sarees from Maharashtra.

These are some of the popular names of Indian sarees. There are several other varieties available as well. There are several websites for Indian sarees online shopping that provide a wide range and choices from different parts of India.

Sexy Party Wear Sarees

party sarees
This beautiful collection features the necessary attributes to complete a designer and party wear saree theme. Exotic outfits are ready to add a lot to your feminine look with extraordinary beauty. Sarees are having gorgeous work of colorful sequins, stones, beads and new materials. Get today’s mood and define tomorrow’s trend with this eclectic range of stylishly created sarees.
The designer party wear sarees can comes with intricate patterns and elegant embroidery. There are several varieties of party wear sarees but you need to select the perfect one that will compliment your skin texture.

The Indian party wear sarees such as embellished sarees are designed mainly for semi-formal moments. Simple but fashionable, these sarees include lots of embroidery designs and it also include blouses.

The main thing to consider is the theme of the party. If the party is about glamour and glitz, then the designer saree with contrast dark borders and dazzled with dark metallic tinsels such as black, dark blue, copper and etc would not fail to turn few heads.

You will look trendy in these sarees. So starts include party sarees in your wardrobe which suits for all occasions and all budgets. Dont forget to purchase matching footwear and jewelery when purchasing  sexy designer party wear sarees.

Sexy Wedding Sarees

wedding sarees
The demand for the designer wedding Sarees is reaching new heights each day amongst the brides. Be on any part of world the magic of wedding sarees is spread everywhere. In the state of UK where Salwar Kameez, Lehenga Choli, Skirts, Gowns, etc are dresses of prime importance in every occasion, is seeing a drift in the wedding traditional wear towards the sarees. The sarees are the traditional wear for the Indian women.

The brides find sarees to extremely attractive and gorgeous and they all dream to wear it on their special day. They all dream of wearing the sarees for their wedding since childhood. The sarees is so popular because it is so appealing. The sarees consists of two different parts, first the sarees is about 5 to 9 meter in length that drapes around the body, and the second is the blouse that is worn on the upper part of body. Essentially the designer sarees is worn with a petticoat.

The Indian wedding sarees are extensively elaborate with a lot of details like the printed sarees, the Designer Wedding Sarees, the embroidery work, the traditional sarees and the wedding sarees that imparts a luxurious and royal feel. The dream of every bride is to look feminine to the utmost and a sarees fulfills her that desire. A Sarees makes each bride look unique and gives her that distinct look that a bride always aspires for.

The wedding saris are available in a variety of style these days. These days they are extremely versatile. This means they are available in number of styles as brides nowadays are both modern and traditional. The importance of this attire is versatility. Those who want to exhibit the indo-western look can opt for the Indo-Western wedding designer sarees.

The wedding sarees also come adorned in various designs. They can be traditional in designs, or modern to extremely simple in designs. There are even some designs that blend the traditional with the modern.

A bride is a person who should decide upon the design that suits her best. The color of designer Indian wedding sarees is also important. Although, maroon and red are some basic colors for a traditional Indian wedding sarees, however colors like pink, orange, blue, green, etc are equally popular. When deciding on the color of the sarees a bride should take every decision.

Like all different sarees, the bridal wedding sarees is also available in numerous fabrics. Silk is also considered to be the most used fabric in the lehnga cholis for the bridal wear but several other fabrics are also used. The satin, georgette, crepe, net, silk and even brocade etc. are also used. The texture of these fabrics imparts rich and luxurious feel.

The wedding outfits are adorned with embellishment with much different array of decorations that might include zardose, zari, stone work, dabka, appliqué, mirror work, gold thread, etc. The Designer Wedding sarees are extremely colorful and are embellished. They carry a lot of grace and magnificent.

Sexy Designer Bridal Sarees

Bridal Sarees
Find huge collections of sexy bridal designer sarees for your special occasion. Great varieties of Indian bridal designer sarees collections according to latest, design and style fame to make your look a fresh one. Buy fashion designer bridal sarees online from collections of marvelous and great fashion designers.
Bridal sarees in nearly all parts of India are luxuriously embroidered with elevated end stitching, beads and progression work. Silk Bridal sarees are the preferred choice of most Indian brides.

Bridal sarees give a striking and inimitable appearance. Full of artistic work, Bridal saree is more than a saree to women as that moment of love breathes in it. Basic color of designer bridal sarees is red gives a lively and different look to a bride girl that day.

The Bridal saree has been beautified with overwhelming stitching and beautification work like Zari work, embroidery work, organza work, zardosy work, sequence work, cut work, mirror work, patchwork, sequins work, mirror work, pearl work, kasab work, kundan work, silver aari work, tikki work,  allover coin work,  heavy naksh work, antique work and  stone work are all different kinds of work.

The Bridal sari is given a lot of meaning in India. Indian Bridal saris come in different fabrics from cotton to silk, from Georgette to crapes. There is no limit as far as variety is concerned in Indian bridal saris. This is because every part of India manufactures its own a typical style in terms of the weaves, embroidery and fabric

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Bollywood Hot and Sexy Sarees Trends

Bollywood is the right place to learn styles and fashion statements, especially about Bollywood sarees. It is the numerous saree styles in Bollywood that attracts woman towards them. Whether it is the color, print, designer blouses, work on saree or the draping styles, Bollywood sarees have always been in rage. In fact, they are quite famous among the ladies for stylish look and a touch of glamour. It is the style of dressing in the Bollywood that people are always concerned about. Not just this; Bollywood sarees have always been a talk of the tinsel town.

The classiness of Bollywood sarees reflects from the designs and patterns woven on it. Be it a georgette, crepe, net, cotton or chiffon, the fabrics are used in the movies according to the roles played by heroines and the situation of the scene. On seeing the trendy Bollywood sarees, the ladies get inspired by those designs and get them made for themselves. After all, Bollywood has always been a trendsetter for the generations to follow. Be it the Bollywood of olden times or the modern one, Bollywood sarees have always been an important part of the movies.

Many a times, styles of Bollywood sarees have got famous from the movies. After that, such kind of sarees is introduced in the market and becomes hot favorite of ladies willing to be part of the glamour race. To match the elegance of Bollywood sarees, beautifully designed blouses are teamed up. And the cream over the coffee is the innovative necklines that make the entire piece look trendy. After all, sarees have always been an important part of women's life and is the symbol of elegance in sensuality.

Designer Hot Lehenga Sarees

In India, most of the women want to dress  themselves in both traditional and gorgeous way. Sarees have continued to appeal and fascinate women and fashion enthusiasts for over years. One such example of traditional yet stylish outfit is the Lehenga Saree.

The Lehenga saree combines the real charm of a saree with the splendor of Lehenga and thus it is a perfect outfit for women who want to look traditional as well as modern. Fashion conscious women prefer to choose Lehenga Sarees over regular sarees mainly because of its comfort, convenience, creativity and greatness.

Some of the recent collections of Lehenga sarees are georgette Sarees, Crepe Lehenga Sarees, brocade Lehenga sarees, Viscose Lehenga Sarees and etc. Always remember two main things while you go for selection of Lehenga Sarees. The first thing is the color combination and the mood of the color. The next thing is give more importance to designs and embellishments that are used over the Lehenga Sarees.

The Lehenga sarees are designed with panels at the front so you just need to be tucked it into the in-skirts as opposed to a normal saree where four or five pleats are formed and then tucked into the in-skirt. The panels in the Lehenga sarees renders a fine flare at the front which makes it appear just like a Lehenga. The pallu of the Lehenga saree is draped in the same way like any normal sarees. The pallu looks like dupatta. It is designed with a zip at the side, and it is made to the measurements of the wearer.

Generally, the Lehenga saree is about 4.5 meters to 5.5 meters long. The method of draping the saree is very easy and it takes very less time. All you need to do is to tuck the plain end of the saree into the in skirt, round it around you as like normal saree. There is no need of any pleats so just drape the pallu over your left shoulders.

This is the perfect outfit for women who are not feeling comfortable with normal drape and pleats that the normal saree demands. Instead of selecting a regular saree, make a style statement in a gorgeous Lehenga Saree for any occasion or parties.